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GOT7’s BamBam Spills To TWICE’s Jihyo About His 3 Closest Idol Friends

GOT7‘s BamBam never holds back in his honesty in his variety show Bam House. Whether he’s confessing which GOT7 video he can’t bear to watch or the TWICE member he had a crush on when he was young, Bam Bam doesn’t hide anything from his fans.

In his most recent episode of Bam House, which featured TWICE’s Jihyo as his guest, the idol opened up about his longtime friendship with Jihyo. As they are both JYP Entertainment idols, they met as trainees when they were only 14 years old.

TWICE’s Jihyo and GOT7’s BamBam | 뱀집/YouTube 

| 뱀집/YouTube 

In fact, the two have known each other so long that they don’t mind their appearance when they’re meeting up, which is something BamBam usually does for other friends.

| 뱀집/YouTube 

BamBam even tells viewers that Jihyo has the “best bare face” as she looks the same with or without makeup.

| 뱀집/YouTube 

And BamBam also opens up about the other idols he’s close to, first listing soloist Somi, a former JYP Entertainment trainee, as another idol he’s closest to.

| 뱀집/YouTube 

BamBam also shared that he’s close to ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo, who is a part of the “‘97-line” with BamBam. In fact, Cha Eunwoo is such a close friend to BamBam that “Every birthday, he’s the first one to contact [BamBam].”

| 뱀집/YouTube 

BamBam explains that he filters out his friends over time, but Jihyo is one of the constant friends he’s had in his life.

| 뱀집/YouTube 

Which is clearly how Jihyo feels about him as well.

| 뱀집/YouTube 

Hopefully fans can see more of their incredible friendship in the future.

You can read more about the episode here.

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