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Here Are 10+ Of TXT’s Most Viral Concert Video Moments On Twitter

These videos of TXT at concerts have taken over Twitter. Whether they have the luckiest fan interactions or best concert moments, they are all iconic in their own ways! In the order of highest to lowest views, check out TXT’s most viral concert videos below.

1. When Yeonjun got this close to a fan

2. This angelic moment of Beomgyu

3. This lucky fan who got the cutest interaction with Yeonjun

4. Beomgyu waving to fans

5. Yeonjun appearing in 3…2..1…!

6. He’s a repeat offender!

7. Huening Kai completing this fan’s heart

8. Beomgyu’s adorable expressions

9. Soobin taking this fan’s phone and kissing it

10. This super cute video of everyone

11. Huening Kai choosing a baby name for a fan

12. This memorable line from Yeonjun

13. This iconic cover from Taehyun

14. Yeonjun singing without music

15. Soobin blessing another fan with a video and phone kiss

16. Taehyun tapping a fan’s back

17. Taehyun’s super cool line: “As you know, it’s not that easy to say ‘I love you.’ …I love you.”

18. Soobin’s hips made MOA go crazy

19. Huening Kai’s vocals during “Blue Hour”

20. Soobin adorably forgetting the lyrics

21. This move from Taehyun

22. This super cute between Soobin and Huening Kai




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