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Here Are 18 Of BLACKPINK Lisa’s Most Viral Twitter Videos

You can’t watch #3 just once!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just can’t stop going viral! Many of videos on Twitter have reached a few million views, including her live performances, funny moments, and super cool fanmade edits. Check out some of her most-viewed videos below!

1. This legendary “Swalla” performance edit

The artist brings magic to her performance!

2. Lisa with BTS’s V and Actor Park Bogum

The three of them are a visual trifecta!

3. Lisa’s consistency during “How You Like That”

Every performance, she gives 110% effort.

4. The continued “Swalla” performance

Check out the rest of the amazing choreography.

5. A newer version of the iconic dance

We’re seeing a pattern here!

6. Mentor Lisa doing her thing

We loved every minute of it!

7. This Lilifilm edit that we will never forget

“Buttons” is the perfect song for Lisa’s sexy dance!

8. When “LiliFilm – The Movie” dropped

She absolutely killed it!

9. The original Lilifilm #3

Nobody was ready for this!

10. Just one more “Swalla” fancam

We can never get enough — and neither can BLINKs!

11. Lisa’s “Pretty Savage” verse on The Late, Late Show with James Corden

12. The cutest Olaf

Lisa was too adorable in this costume!

13. This choreography video of Lisa practicing

It’s a low-quality video of a high-quality woman!

14. NCT’s Ten and Lisa dancing together

We love this combo!

15. Main Dancer Lisa showing her moves

The dance moves of “Money” are addicting to watch.

16. Being cute from within the crowd

This is so wholesome.

17. Lisa during this part of “Pink Venom”

She has so much charisma while she’s performing.

18. This epic edit of Lisa’s in the world of fashion

She’s so cool!




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