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Here’s How SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Came In Clutch For The Saint Laurent Fashion Show

He had to do his makeup on the go.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan pulled up to the Saint Laurent fashion show in Berlin looking princely.

But what fans didn’t know was the pains Jeonghan and his team took to get there on time. On a recent live stream, Jeonghan told the full story to eager fans.

Jeonghan and WayV’s Ten. | Saint Laurent

The fashion show was held in Berlin. As there were no direct flights, he flew to Paris from Seoul and waited to connect. He boarded the plane from Paris to Berlin, but after the plane moved a little bit on the ground, the weather worsened.

With bad weather, the crew announced a short break. Ultimately, he had to disembark as the flight was canceled due to the storm. Jeonghan had to get a new flight quickly, as it takes 12 hours to drive to Berlin from Paris. The lines for new tickets and luggage collection were so long that Jeonghan and his team waited in the airport for two to three hours. They managed to snag some tickets on an overbooked flight that afternoon. Although they did not know if they could successfully get on the flight, they decided to rest in a hotel for a little bit.

At the hotel, his hair and makeup team finished his base makeup and lightly fixed his hair. They went to the airport at 10pm the to try to make the 3am plane. With the show at 9 in the morning, everything was uncertain. The 3am flight was delayed to 4.50am. Paris to Berlin by plane takes two short hours, but given boarding times, delays, and arrivals, it would be a tight deadline for them.

Jeonghan began calculating the time. He would likely arrive at 7.30am, and it would take an hour from the airport to the hotel. The drive from the hotel to the show would take another twenty minutes. He would not be able to change and get ready in time. They made the executive decision to finish his hair and makeup at the airport lounge after arriving at Berlin at 7.40am.

With barely time to spare, his stylist ironed his outfit at a private parking lot’s bathroom on the airport compounds. There, they fixed his hair and everything was done by 8.22am.The team quickly traveled by car to the show without stopping at the hotel. They made it by 8.55am and Jeonghan enjoyed the show. It was no wonder he had such a proud look on his face the minute he got off the car.

What a whirlwind of a story!




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