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Here’s What SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Finds Most Attractive About A Person

He’s a simple guy with simple wants.

Since his debut, SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon has charmed fans with his handsome looks and multi-talented performance skills.

Vernon | @pledis_17/Twitter

He’s even made fans fall harder for him because of his unique personality off-stage. Since there are many things fans like about Vernon, he shared one of the things he enjoys most about someone as well.

| @vernonline/Instagram

When chatting with Mindset to answer twenty-one questions, the idol was asked which “personality trait or character do you find the most attractive in another person?

Because Vernon is a straightforward guy, his response was just as simple as you’d expect. He answered, “I find someone very attractive when that person speaks coherently.

With Vernon often getting straight to the point, he connects well with people who are just as concise and say exactly what they mean.




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