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How NCT’s Taeyong Really Felt During That Viral Moment He Broke Their Lightstick

He explained the “legendary” moment.

NCT‘s Taeyong looked back on his most popular memes to share how he truly felt in those moments. Naturally, Elle Korea magazine couldn’t forget the legendary one where he accidentally broke NCT’s lightstick.

It’s such an iconic moment that NCTzens even have the idol’s reactions in high-quality images.


Taeyong remembered that it was only the first day of NCT 127‘s concert, making the feelings caused by the broken lightstick hit harder. He said, “It felt like something precious was suddenly lost.

He compared it to a moment everyone would be upset by. Taeyong said, “Like when you’re enjoying a delicious bread and suddenly a seagull swoops down and snatches it away.

Despite how shocked and sad he’d been, Taeyong was more worried about fans’ safety. He said, “I’m thankful that no one got hurt.

Knowing how he’d felt during the moment, his face expressed those emotions perfectly.




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