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“I’m Jealous Of Dex-nim” NMIXX’s Sullyoon Flirts Unapologetically With TWICE’s Sana

She didn’t hold back! 😂

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon is scheduled to be the next guest on TWICE Sana‘s “Fridge Interview” and their interactions are already making fans eager with anticipation!

Fans are already excited for the interview as they know Sullyoon is a big fan of Sana and has mentioned it on numerous occasions.

In the teaser video for the show, the two have all kinds of precious moments including when Sullyoon is barely able to speak informally to Sana because she loves her so much!

The two exchanged hilarious stories, including Sullyoon’s suspect way of dodging fans in public.

However, the best moment of the teaser was when Sullyoon wasn’t afraid to flirt with Sana. She mentioned the original host of the show, Dex, whose episode starring Sana went viral.

I saw you on with Dex-nim… I’m jealous of Dex-nim.

— Sullyoon

That seat should have been mine!

— Sullyoon

Sullyoon wasn’t afraid to tell Sana how she really feels!

I’m going to seduce Sana unnie today.

— Sullyoon

All of these funny and cute moments, along with the fact that the two girls share a similar image, are sure to make the episode a hit!

Watch the teaser below.



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