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“I’m Telling You, We Dated” — Somi Spills On Her “Tumultuous” Relationship With TWICE’s Chaeyoung

“You were so cute back then.”

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung was the latest guest on Jeon Somi‘s new YouTube program Yes Or Hot and provided fans with some interesting and hilarious information about each other as part of the show.

Somi (left) and TWICE’s Chaeyoung (right) | TEO 테오/YouTube

Chaeyoung and Somi are besties, united by their time as trainees at JYP Entertainment. Somi was even a contestant of the idol survival program SIXTEEN, which formed TWICE, though she was eliminated and ultimately left the company.

It’s been nearly eight years since TWICE’s debut, meaning the pair have known each other for almost (if not more than) a decade.

Because of this, Somi and Chaeyoung have a lot of shared history and did not hold back in telling stories from the past, including a hilarious one about the TWICE member running away.

Jeon Somi Reminds TWICE’s Chaeyoung Of The Time She Ran Away From JYP Entertainment

While reflecting on this past, Chaeyoung asked if Somi had cried when they were trainees because of her. Somi answered the mildly spicy question with a quick yes.

As a way of explaining, Somi says that she thinks she “put all [her] puberty on” Chaeyoung, justifying her emotions at the time. Hilariously, Somi says they basically dated at this point in their friendship!

Somi exposes herself further, saying she would cry alone over things like Chaeyoung not greeting her in the morning. In particular, Somi was jealous of the TWICE members’ relationships with Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Jihyo.

Chaeyoung says Somi would call her out of nowhere to tell her how upset she was with her, questioning why she wouldn’t hang out with her. Though their friendship was a little “troubled” back then, Chaeyoung says that Somi’s behavior was actually really cute. 

What a funny story!

Check out the full episode below.



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