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IU And BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wore The Same Sheer Top But Served Completely Different Vibes

They wore it just one day apart.

IU and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa have a few things in common; they’re both incredibly talented superstars with immense stage presence and trendsetting fashion sense.



Over the years, both stars have worn a variety of looks and rocked every single one. Whether the occasion calls for glamor…

…or boldness, these queens reign supreme.

Back in 2017, Lisa and IU wore two different versions of this sheer Not Your Rose Choker Frill Blouse just one day apart.

Model | garmentory.com

On October 21, IU wore the blue version of this blouse to the Autumn Azure Concert in Dongtan, South Korea. IU paired her blouse with a Lucky Chouette Embroidery Velvet Jacket and a matching black skirt.

IU’s look was simple, cute, and elegant, complete with understated heels and gold earrings.

It’s a professional look that could easily be worn to the office (if you don’t happen to be a world-famous singer).

On October 22, Lisa wore a purple version of the blouse to the Busan One Asia Festival while performing “As If It’s Your Last.”

Like IU, Lisa wore a skirt that matched the blouse’s velvet ribbon, but her skirt-and-blouse combo was on the sexier side.

Lisa completed her gorgeous look with thigh-high boots: footwear that has been part of some of her most iconic outfits of all time.

Who wore it best? That’s a trick question! IU and Lisa both look magnificent, always. For more fashion, check out this outfit comparison:

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Same Fit, Different Vibes



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