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Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Proves She’s The Queen Of Fan Service With The Help Of TXT’s Yeonjun

Huening Bahiyyih may have just gone the extra mile for a lucky fan!

TXT‘s Hueningkai has always been his youngest sister’s biggest supporter; by extension, Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih has become a “little sister” to the rest of the TXT members too.

Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih | @pixellionss/Twitter

(From left to right) TXT’s Yeonjun, Taehyun, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, and Soobin | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Fans have loved seeing the adorable interactions between the five members of TXT and Huening Bahiyyih.

Huening Bahiyyih and TXT interaction at the “2022 K Global Heart Dream Awards” 

While it’s been a regular occurrence for Hueningkai to join his sister for Kep1er’s dance challenges, and vice versa, this time, TXT’s oldest member Yeonjun joined Huening Bahiyyih for the “We Fresh” challenge.

Huening Bahiyyih and TXT’s Yeonjun | @official_kep1er/TikTok

Many fans had been hoping for Yeonjun to join her for a dance challenge as he’s known to embody other groups’ concepts and choreographies effortlessly, and his dance with Huening Bahiyyih was no different.

TXT’s Yeonjun recently returned to his position as an MC for Inkigayo after concluding TXT’s 20-show 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR < ACT : LOVE SICK. While it may have been assumed that Yeonjun would collaborate with Huening Bahiyyih when Kep1er performed on the program, there may have been another reason; the influence of a fan.

Kep1er at the SBS studio for “Inkigayo” filming | @official_kep1er/Twitter

On November 6, a fan on Twitter reported that they asked Huening Bahiyyih if she could film the “We Fresh” challenge with Yeonjun when she was at Inkigayo. The fan reported that the Kep1er member agreed.

Just a day later, Huening Bahiyyih and Yeonjun’s dance challenge was officially posted, making many fans’ dreams come true!

Huening Bahiyyih later heartwarmingly shared with Kep1ans that Yeonjun took the challenge seriously and even recorded the dance with her around seven times. Yeonjun’s sincerity touched the Kep1er member.

Not only are Hueningkai’s fellow TXT members the best honorary big brothers, but Huening Bahiyyih also has next-level fan service!

Check out Huening Bahiyyih and Yeonjun’s “We Fresh” dance challenge below!


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