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Kim Jaejoong Names SM Entertainment Idols Who Are Continuing His Visual Legacy

“I could see myself [in] him.”

Kim Jaejoong was recently a guest on MC, actor, and restauranteur Hong Seok Cheon‘s talk show.

During the episode, he opened up about his unique experience auditioning for SM Entertainment, the early days of his career, becoming the CEO of his own company, iNKODE, and the idols who continued his visual legacy at SM Entertainment.

Hong Seok Cheon (left) and Kim Jaejoong (right) | @tonyhong1004/Instagram

Kim Jaejoong quickly earned the nickname “visual shock” after his debut, stunning fans with his legendary good looks and incredible talent, and he continues to earn praise for his unaging visuals.

Kim Jaejoong debuted with TVXQ in 2003, and although he, along with Kim Junsu and Park Yoochunofficially separated from the group in 2010, he continues to speak fondly of his experience promoting with his former group members, sharing stories from their trainee days and the early days of their careers.

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While speaking with Hong Seok Cheon, the popular host wanted to know which idols Kim Jaejoong felt continued his legacy at SM Entertainment.

Jaejoong named NCT‘s Taeyong, and Hong Seok Cheon agreed, saying he thought Jaejoong “came back” when he first saw Taeyong. Jaejoong admitted that his friends recommended he watch NCT’s music videos because they thought Taeyong was “similar” to him.

After agreeing that Taeyong has a “similar vibe,” Jaejoong named another SM Entertainment idol that reminded him a “bit” of himself, 5th gen idol RIIZE‘s Wonbin.

Netizens, who have often pointed out Wonbin and Taeyong’s resemblance to Jaejoong, shared their excited reactions to Jaejoong’s acknowledgment of their similarities.

Many hope Jaejoong will have an opportunity to interact with the two junior idols soon!

Check out more from Jaejoong’s talk with Hong Seok Cheon in the article below!

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