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Korean Netizens React To Former NCT Lucas’ Solo Debut

He will be making a comeback in April.

It was previously reported that former NCT member Lucas would be making his solo debut in April 2024.

This will be his first time stepping out in front of the public once again since he left the group three years ago. Since 2023, he has been teasing fans by uploading cover videos on his personal Instagram. This gave fans hope that he would return.

On the other hand, many are shocked that the company is pulling this move.

Netizen comments. | theqoo
  • Are they crazy?
  • What’s funny is that even foreigners, who are known to be fine with most things, can’t understand why he is making a comeback. Only fans will welcome this news.
  • Hope he releases a duet with Taeyong.
  • Why in Korea? Can’t they just promote him in China?
  • I’m so fascinated how SM continues to work with their artists unless the artists themselves want to leave.
  • They let go of Taemin and are pushing Lucas instead… Stupid.
  • Is there demand? I guess since he didn’t commit a crime…

The company previously ruthlessly pulled RIIZE’s Seunghan out of activities due to personal controversy. Given that Lucas was involved in a deeper controversy with alleged victims stepping up, netizens are puzzled as to his comeback.

You can read more about his controversy below.

A Third Alleged Victim Of WayV Lucas’ Gaslighting Scandal Has Spoken Up – Here’s The Full Translation





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