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Korean Netizens React To Reports Alleging BLACKPINK’s Lisa May Not Re-Sign

“Is it because she wants to be a solo artist?”

Korean netizens reacted to reports stating BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and YG Entertainment are far apart in contract renewal negotiations.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_/Instagram

On July 12, Munhwa Ilbo reported that the BLACKPINK star was currently in negotiations with YG Entertainment to renew her contract but was far from reaching a compromise.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa And YG Entertainment Are Reportedly Far Apart On Contract Renewal Terms

The report further cites a Chinese source that, according to Munhwa Ilbo, raised the possibility Lisa doesn’t re-sign with YG Entertainment.

We have been working with Lisa and YG Entertainment to see if she can appear on our show, but they have told us that it is difficult to discuss any schedules past August due to uncertainty with contract renewals.

— Chinese source to Munhwa Ilbo

YG Entertainment has since revealed that there were no issues and that contract negotiations were stalled due to the global star’s promotions.

The (delay) is not related to her desire to re-sign; it is because of [BLACKPINK’s] tour and her personal schedule…We are in discussions [with all members] on contract renewals.

— YG Entertainment via Munhwa Ilbo and Xports News

Korean netizens reacted to the news with mixed reactions. While some dismissed the report as misinformation, others felt there was a real possibility the star doesn’t re-sign.

  • “I mean, if her contract is over, she might promote overseas. Plus Lisa is pretty AF so it would be a pity for her to stay in Korea.”
  • “Why do I feel like she is going to re-sign? LOL.”
  • “She’ll do what’s best for her. Because her popularity isn’t as high in Korea, as long as she doesn’t have any issues promoting, her international fans don’t care if she re-signs.”
  • “What’s up with the people who are pretending to believe this unfounded rumor to criticize Lisa? Seriously, what the hell?”
  • “I think Lisa will do fine as a solo artist… But it would still be good if she (is a part of BLACKPINK).”
  • “What’s up with the people taking this opportunity to write comments that are stupid AF? LOL.”
  • “It seems everyone is going crazy since their contract is almost up. Just wait. When the dust settles, they will release an official statement.”
  • “Isn’t Lisa the most popular member globally? Is it because she wants to promote as a solo artist?”

Meanwhile, Lisa’s contract is reportedly expiring in August 2023.




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