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Lucas Voices Support For NCT U’s New Song “Baggy Jeans”, And Fans Are Annoyed

“Why does he even open his mouth.”

On August 28, NCT U released the music video for “Baggy Jeans”, which is performed by the same iconic line-up of members that were in “The 7th Sense” — TaeyongDoyoungTenJaehyun, and Mark.

The song has been getting a great response from NCTzens, who were elated to hear a new song released by the five talented members.

NCT U | SM Entertainment

And it wasn’t just fans that voiced their support and appreciation for the song, either — former NCT member Lucas shared his opinion for “Baggy Jeans” on Bubble recently, too.

Lucas | Gucci

Lucas left NCT back in May of this year after an alleged former girlfriend came out and accused him of gaslighting, which led to him going on an extended hiatus since mid-2021. He’s still under SM Entertainment, though, and seems to be preparing for some kind of solo debut at some point.

| SM Entertainment

While he does still have many fans, there are also a lot of people who don’t like Lucas after his scandal, and are glad that he’s no longer in NCT. And when Lucas took to Bubble to show his support for “Baggy Jeans”, NCTzens had a lot to say about him, most of it not very positive.

Baggy jeans is too cool, please support it a lotㅋㅋ ????

His messages above were shared on an online forum post, and the comments section was pretty much entirely against Lucas’s actions and voiced annoyance at him trying to insert himself into the conversation about “Baggy Jeans”.

There haven’t been any further updates on if or when Lucas is going to have his solo debut anytime soon, but no matter when he chooses to do so, it seems he’ll likely get very mixed reactions from fans and non-fans.

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa




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