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“Main Dancer” K-Pop Idol Nails RIIZE’s Dance Challenge, But A Behind-The-Scenes Videos Shows The Chaotic Reality Of Learning The Choreo

The talented idol learned the dance in less than a day!

SM Entertainment‘s highly-anticipated new K-Pop boy group RIIZE officially debuted on September 4, releasing their first single album, Get A Guitar.

RIIZE | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

As the group conducts their official debut promotions, the talented members continue to impress netizens with their skills.

As with most K-Pop idols, RIIZE officially has a dance challenge for their title track, “Get A Guitar,” which includes effortlessly smooth footwork during the chorus.



♬ Get A Guitar – RIIZE

Many K-Pop idols and fans have participated in the dance challenge, including fellow SM Entertainment artists.

One of the SM Entertainment artists who participated was Red Velvet‘s main dancer and lead vocalist, Seulgi. Seulgi gave fans a unique behind-the-scenes look at her preparations for the dance challenge on her Instagram story, showcasing the chaotic reality of mastering the footwork. The video also impressively showed just how quickly Seulgi learned the dance.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

In the hilariously chaotic video, Seulgi practices the dance, laughing along with Red Velvet’s Joy and Yeri, who note that Seulgi’s moves look “a bit different” than the original choreography.

Her fellow members encouraged Seulgi, who practiced while watching RIIZE Shotaro‘s dance tutorial, determined to work the move out herself.

  • Yeri: “Doesn’t it look… a bit different?!”
  • Seulgi: “Is this it?!”
  • Yeri: “I mean, I can’t do it. So… You’re the only one who can pull it off.”
  • Joy: “Try again, try again! You can do it. C’mon.”
  • Yeri: “Oh, unnie. I think they go like this with their feet…”

The talented Red Velvet member, of course, figured out the choreography and joined RIIZE’s Anton and Shotaro to complete the challenge successfully.


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♬ Get A Guitar – RIIZE

Netizens couldn’t help reacting to the behind-the-scenes video of Seulgi learning the dance, loving the candid look at idol dance challenges.

Many also noted how impressive the choreography is, with Seulgi’s behind-the-scenes video showing just how difficult it is to make the dance look effortless.

Check out more on Seulgi’s incredible dancing skills in the article below!

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