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MONSTA X’s Kihyun Spills On One Thing That Makes Him “Uncomfortable” About Being In The Same Company As IVE

He can’t really be blamed 😂

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun recently guested on comedian Lee Yong Jin‘s show, Yongjin’s Health Center, where he revealed what it’s like for him to work with IVE.

MONSTA X’s Kihyun | @yookihhh/Instagram

MONSTA X debuted in Starship Entertainment in 2015, while IVE debuted in the same company in November of 2021. While the two group’s debuts are only 6 years apart, Kihyun did touch on one thing that makes him “uncomfortable” about being in the same company as the young girl group.

IVE | @ivestarship/Instagram

The subject came up when Lee Yong Jin first asked him what it’s like to be an idol of 8 years. Kihyun hilariously replied that he often found himself friendless at festivals.

| 용진건강원/YouTube

He stated that IVE are also in his company…but he’s 14 years older than the group’s youngest member Leeseo.

Normally, when he sees younger idols, he normally just thinks of them as simply younger idols.

Yet, Kihyun says that it’s different for him when he has to perform at the same festivals and work in the same company as someone who is 14 years younger, which is a considerable age gap.

Lee Yong Jin asked him if it made him feel old in some ways, and Kihyun couldn’t help but agree.

While Kihyun and his members are not old by any means, he is also not the first K-Pop idol to feel discomfort about the increasingly young debut age of idols.

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And watch the full clip from Kihyun’s episode of Yongjin’s Health Center right here!



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