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NCT 127’s Jaehyun Addresses Indonesian NCTzens’ Apology Project Following Dangerous Concert Incident The Previous Day

The previous concert was forced to end early after fans fainted.

NCT 127‘s Jaehyun directly responded to an apology project by Indonesia NCTzens following the group’s concert on the previous day being forced to end early.

NCT 127’s Jaehyun | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

NCT 127 recently headed to Jakarta, Indonesia for the next set of concerts on their NEO CITY : THE LINK tour. The first concert initially got off to a rough start due to a bomb threat being made to the venue, but local police were able to clear the area in time for the concert to proceed normally.

Unfortunately, the show was forced to end early after fans began to push during NCT 127’s performance of “Paradise.” The crowd pushed forward towards the stage so hard that the barricade broke causing fans to fall over in front of the group as they attempted to instruct fans to move back.

It was reported that around 30 fans fainted during the show because of pushing in the crowd.

Fans immediately began to send apologetic messages to the group on social media, attempting to apologize for the way the concert ended. A group of fans even suggest that fans attending the show the next day hold up the message “WE’RE SORRY URICHIL” on their phones.

Following restrictions on how the concert would proceed, the November 5 show was able to go off without a hitch, and during one of NCT 127’s speaking portions of the show Jaehyun directly responded to the fans’ apologetic messages.

First of all, I see a couple of people holding up signs that says ‘sorry’ because of the performance yesterday. But our NCTzens have nothing to be sorry about.

— NCT 127’s Jaehyun

Jaehyun also addressed the project on Dear. U Bubble messaging platform saying that he hopes Czennies (another name for NCT fans) “don’t have to feel sorry at all.

I am so happy that we came to Jakarta to have a concert after so long. I hope it becomes an unforgettable memory for all of you, too. There were NCTzens who held up signs that said “sorry” in the beginning of the concert today due to the incident yesterday, but I hope that Czennies don’t have to feel sorry at all. I had a really food performance with no regrets as precious as the time we spent together today. I hope all of you received our energy too.

— Jaehyun on Dear. U Bubble

| Dear. U Bubble

It’s great to see that NCT 127’s second concert in Indonesia was able to proceed smoothly!




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