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NCT 127’s Jaehyun Gets Creative When His Microphone Stand Won’t Work

He had to come up with a solution quickly.

NCT 127‘s second NEO CITY – THE LINK + concert stop in Jakarta, Indonesia created an amusing moment where Jaehyun had to get creative when faced with a technical difficulty.


In the middle of their “Dreams Come True” performance, Jaehyun followed his usual routine by trying to adjust his microphone for the next transition in choreography. Except, the stand wouldn’t budge one bit. Jaehyun even recruited Haechan and Taeyong to help him.

Noticing they were running out of time, Jaehyun waved the members away while he quickly thought of a solution.

Jaehyun then yanked the upper part of the microphone right out of the stand just in time to sing with the members.

When Haechan noticed what Jaehyun had done, he cracked up. There was someone else enjoying the moment too.

Jaehyun didn’t let the mishap phase him. He took the broken stand and turned it into a guitar.

Who knew someone could turn a technical difficulty into a sexy move?

See Jaehyun’s quick thinking in action.




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