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NCT 127’s Johnny and Jungwoo Have Yet Another “Love On The Floor” Stage “Incident” In Indonesia

During their concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, NCT 127‘s Johnny and Jungwoo had another accident happen during the group’s “Love On The Floor” performance, and fans can’t stop laughing at their “bad luck.”

NCT 127’s Jungwoo | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

NCT 127’s Johnny | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

NCT 127’s special stage for “Love On The Floor” features a spinning platform, or stationary one for smaller stages, and has a very sensual choreography that drives fans wild. The members of the group often will change up the choreography from time to time, making it a little sexier.

Johnny is guilty of this, and accidentally caused the first incident between himself and Jungwoo. During one portion of the choreography, the members will turn to each other while lying down as if whispering in each other’s ears. During the group’s concert in Manila earlier this year, Jungwoo and Johnny got a bit closer than normal and created this viral moment.

Johnny even addressed this moment later on during a fan sign event, jokingly saying that the two “kissed a little.”

This time around, it seemed like the dance would be going normally, but Johnny got a bit too close once again. This time, however, Jungwoo did not falter and the two got up close and personal.

The problem occurred when it was time for Jungwoo to “whisper” to Yuta. As he attempted to turn away from Johnny, the pair’s mics got stuck together and hilariously kept Jungwoo from moving his head.

| @lyqinist/Twitter

Jungwoo quickly fixes his mic and both of them can be seen laughing right after it happens. Even Mark joins in once he looks over and sees what has happened between the two.

Fans can’t help but laugh at it being the same two having another special “moment” during this stage.




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