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NCT 127’s Taeil Is The Next Member To Accidentally Break His Lightstick

It wasn’t “Replay (PM 01:27)” this time 😂

The members of NCT 127 are known for breaking their lightsticks, especially during their upbeat track “Replay (PM 01:27)” where they go all out to perform.

Taeyong, Mark, and Jaehyun have all accidentally broken their lightsticks and sent them flying.

Thanks to their NEO CITY – THE LINK + concert stop in Jakarta, Taeil was the next member to break one but during a completely different song.


As the group came to the end of their “Breakfast” stage, everything seemed to be going smoothly. It was the last spin that created a funny moment. Taeil’s lightstick broke and flew right into the air.

Since Yuta accidentally hit a fan with a signed ball earlier on the tour, fans and Taeil might’ve been worried that it would hit someone.

Thanks to the procedures the Indonesian police put into place for day two, no fans were harmed because the audience was further back than usual. A fan captured Taeil’s broken lightstick landing in front of them.

Making the moment more amusing, sharp-eyed fans couldn’t get over Haechan‘s reaction to realizing Taeil’s lightstick was broken.

Now that half the members have managed to break their lightsticks, who will be next?


See Taeil keep their lightstick tradition going.




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