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NCT 127’s Taeyong Exposes Doyoung For Still Sleeping With Plushies, But It Was Something Else He Said That Became The Center Of Attention

Taeyong is effortlessly funny!

NCT 127 has some of the most hilarious TV show appearances!

The SM Entertainment boy group recently sat down for an interview with Amazon Music Japan where they discussed their latest comeback title track “2 Baddies.”

They also had smaller talk show segments where they were asked questions such as, “Can you share a secret of the group?” In this case, Taeyong was the first to step up with his idea of a juicy little secret: Johnny and Doyoung “still sleep with dolls” or stuffed toys.

From Left to Right: Johnny, Taeyong, and Doyoung

The former denied this by saying that it was a habit he had already stopped several years ago. The latter, similarly, clarified that instead of a plushie, he sleeps with a large pillow.

Johnny: I stopped that two years ago.

Taeyong: But I thought Doyoung still hugs his.

Doyoung: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: What kind of doll is it?

Doyoung: It’s not a doll! It’s a body pillow. It’s a big pillow.

The topic of the pillow did not stay on everyone’s minds for long, however. This was because Taeyong said something that they found even more interesting than the doll—his choice of words when bringing up the old stuffed animal that Doyoung used to love.

What about your…sea dog?

— Taeyong

His members immediately reacted with a mix of confusion and amusement.

What do you mean by ‘sea dog’?

— Doyoung

It turns out that Taeyong translated the Korean word for seal a little too literally. “Mulgae,” when broken up, can mean water (“Mul”) and dog (“Gae”). Thus, he thought that “seal” meant “sea dog” in English.

‘Mulgae’ in Korean, isn’t it ‘sea dog’ in English?

— Taeyong

When the others continued to stare in disbelief, he gave another possible translation that also happened to be incorrect.

[Maybe it’s] ‘water dog?’

— Taeyong

The members of NCT 127 finally corrected him with a laugh, exclaiming, “Seal!” For his part, Taeyong looked on with a smile, entertained but unbothered.

NCT 127 is definitely effortlessly funny!




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