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NCT Dream’s Staff Accused Of Allegedly Plagiarizing SEVENTEEN’s “GOING SEVENTEEN” Content

There were many similarities between the two.

NCT Dream recently released an original variety content via their official YouTube channel. Produced inhouse, DREAM LOOP has the members figure out a variety of clues to try to escape.

Although NCT has always worked with the concept of dreaming and being stuck between dream and reality, fans of SEVENTEEN found some similarities between DREAM LOOP and an episode of a SEVENTEEN original variety content, GOING SEVENTEEN. A couple of years back, GOING SEVENTEEN released a series called EGO. The series had the boys seeking a way out of an abandoned mental hospital.

Some of the similarities spotted include the corpses of patients lying around and the overall props that contributed to the spooky factor.

| @junranghae_hui/Twitter

The clue to be decoded from a patient chart was also similar.

| @junranghae_hui/Twitter

Fans pointed out that NCT Dream was dressed similarly to the SEVENTEEN members in patient gowns. On the other hand, the black accessories around their neck is a common filming tool, a GoPro. The gowns were almost the same, down to the mandarin collar.

| @junranghae_hui/Twitter

The first scene with the respective members awakening as a patient in a lone room was also compared.

| @junranghae_hui/Twitter

The content was too similar for fans to ignore.

As GOING SEVENTEEN is the culmination of blood, sweat, and tears by not only SEVENTEEN’s staff but the members themselves, fans hated to see it being copied outrightly.

Some fans even pointed out that NCT Dream’s content team could have easily credited GOING SEVENTEEN.

On the other hand, others felt that it was a common enough theme.

Ultimately, SEVENTEEN fans agree that the blame should fall on the staff, not the artists. They have been trying to bring the matter to light by tagging the respective agencies.



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