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NCT Haechan’s Opinion On Dieting Is “Absolutely Correct” — Fans Are Praising His Mentality

“I’ve never heard an idol talk this honestly.”

Fans have often praised NCT‘s Haechan for his dependable support and kindness toward his members.

NCT’s Haechan | @haechanahceah/Instagram

His thoughtful and sincere mentality was incredibly apparent in one live broadcast where he addressed Doyoung‘s concerns about eating.

NCT’s Doyoung | @do0_nct/Instagram

In the broadcast, Haechan suggested that the two go get some food after they finished talking to fans, but Doyoung shared that he had to “watch [his] weight.”

Haechan | @baek_hunny/TikTok 

Haechan immediately reassured Doyoung that he already “[looks] really good.”

| @baek_hunny/TikTok 

And reminded him that the “fans will like you no matter what you look like.”

| @baek_hunny/TikTok 

Even when Doyoung suggested that fans would “like it better if we look nicer,” Haechan pointed out that fans would rather see their idols eating well, being “healthy and happy.”

| @baek_hunny/TikTok 

And encouraged his friend to “eat something that makes you happy.”

| @baek_hunny/TikTok 

The two idols then playfully decided what to eat after the broadcast.

| @baek_hunny/TikTok 

Fans are are praising Haechan for his mindset, agreeing that they always want their idols to be “healthy and happy.

Hopefully many idols are able to have similar mindsets.

You can watch the full video here.


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