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NCT Jaemin’s Secret To Finding Fancams During Performances

The “king of fan service” has a perfect strategy.

NCT‘s Jaemin landed the most recent cover of ESQUIRE Korea, with a special feature about the talented idol appearing in the February 2024 edition of the fashion magazine.

The feature is in collaboration with the designer brand Fendi, and Jaemin stunned netizens with his handsome visuals and trendy style.


Along with his feature, the NCT member sat down with ESQUIRE Korea for a fun “IN STAR interview,” during which he opened up about his winter routine, the must-have item he needs to buy when he’s in the U.S., who takes his photos for social media, and more.


While answering questions for the magazine, Jaemin was asked about his impressive ability to spot his fans in the crowd, and he revealed his secret to making eye contact with fan cams on stage.

Jaemin shared that, during stage performances, the secret is to memorize the position of the main cameras during rehearsals.

When the main camera isn’t pointing at him during rehearsals, he finds fancams in the crowd.

Jaemin explained that the magic is in switching his eye contact between the main camera when it’s his turn to sing and his fancams when the camera isn’t focused on him.

Jaemin is known as the “king of fan service,” and his secret to engaging with his fancams while on stage makes it easy to see why!

Check out more from Jaemin’s “IN STAR interview” with ESQUIRE Korea in the article below:

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