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NCT Mark’s Credit Card Declined When He Tried To Buy Concert Tickets

Should’ve used his face card.

Have you ever attempted to buy concert tickets only for your credit card to decline, leaving you unable to see your favorite artist?

Well, NCT‘s Mark can relate.

NCT's Mark
NCT’s Mark | SM Entertainment

In a recent virtual fanmeeting, Mark and OP (Original Poster) bonded over American singer-songwriter SZA‘s music. OP had asked Mark to sing some of her songs as they are attending SZA’s concert soon.

So, Mark also told his fan the story about when he tried to see SZA. He explained that he wanted to get tickets for SZA’s concert.

Let me tell you a story. I was really close to going to a SZA concert…

— Mark

SZA | Top Dawg Entertainment & RCA Records

Yet, when he attempted to make his purchase, his card was continually declined. He wondered what was wrong, questioning if it was due to his location not matching the credit card’s address.

But like my card kept getting denied. I was in Canada…

— Mark

|  MBC via Favim

Due to the technical difficulties, Mark gave up. So, he didn’t get to go to the concert.

I’m like I don’t know, I just messed up, and so I just ended up not going. But like I hope you tell me how it’s like … when you come back.

— Mark

The fan call went viral with over 1.4M views at the time of writing. Netizens joked that he should have used his “face card” instead because it never declines.

Not even idols are free from credit card struggles. Hopefully, Mark will get to see SZA in concert one day!

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