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NCT Member Urgently Asks For Help Finding Fan

“I am looking for this fan…”

NCT’s Taeyong is going viral after searching for a fan on a private messaging app.

Taeyong | Pinterest

On February 26, a post titled “NCT Taeyong Looks For Someone On Bubble” quickly garnered views. In the post, the idol is seen interacting with his fans on a private messaging app.


I want to thank my fans who came to watch my performance yesterday. Thank you, and thank you again for spreading the word…

— Taeyong

In his message, the idol uploaded a photo of a fan holding up a sign asking for people to listen to the idol’s latest single, “Tap.” Touched by the fan, Taeyong then asked fans to help him find her.

Yes, everyone, the song is released today. I am looking for this fan!

— Taeyong

Meanwhile, Taeyong’s “Tap” releases on February 26. Check out the teaser for the song in the link below!




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