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NCT Members Leave Fans In Awe In New Surfboarding Video

Fans are stunned by Johnny’s new video!

A popular series featured on NCT‘s YouTube channel is “Johnny‘s Communication Center” or JCC for short. If you aren’t already familiar with JCC as a series, it features NCT’s Johnny in various scenarios that he records in a daily Vlog style. The series is primarily a lighthearted way for NCT to post content for NCTzens!

NCT’s Mark, Johnny, and Doyoung| NCT Youtube Channel

In the most recent JCC video, posted on the 10th of November, fans were excited to see a video titled “Surfing In LA” had been posted. There had been a JCC hiatus for a few months now, so NCTzens were overjoyed with the news of new content!

NCT’s Johnny and Jaehyun| NCT Youtube Channel

The video centers around four NCT members: Johnny, Taeyong, Jaeyhun, and Taeil. At nearly 20 minutes in length, fans witness the group of four shopping for surfing attire, getting surf lessons, and trying their hand at surfing for themselves!

Of course, fans were in awe of NCT’s incredible physiques on display while they surfed!

Fans also found Taeyong’s endless comments about possible shark attacks endearing! Throughout the video, there are multiple instances of Taeyong inquiring about the possibility of seeing a shark in the water.

Also, the video has already brought a new viral clip to social media! A clip of Jaehyun sitting and suddenly falling off his surfboard already has 100K views on Twitter.








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