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NCT Renjun’s Newest Weight-Related Comment Upsets Fans

This comes after the idol was attacked over his appearance.

NCT‘s Renjun recently left fans upset after making a weight-related comment.

NCT’s Renjun | SM Entertainment

NCT DREAM recently returned with “Smoothie” from their 7th mini album, Dream()Scape.

Before its release, the group held a press event where they were photographed. Renjun’s difference in appearance became a hot topic, as photos show the idol’s face to be swollen, resulting in a difference in visuals.


As this change was met with negativity and accusations of plastic surgery, the idol took to Dear U. Bubble to address it. Renjun reassured fans that the cause was weight gain and that he was still himself, regardless of anything else.

Some could’ve been disappointed at my swollen appearance. But I’m still me, and my voice and dance is still Renjun. For me, weight can be lost. Despite this, thank you so much for still loving me!

— Renjun

Fans appreciated the update but have since been left saddened by another from the idol.

On March 26, Renjun did a live stream on Weibo and announced it with a post inviting fans to join with the caption, “Come and chat with little fatty Renjun for a bit~?

| Weibo

The caption was intended to be said cutely rather than Renjun saying it disparagingly.

However, due to the recent influx of negativity about his appearance and weight, Renjun’s comment, even jokingly, left many saddened.

Others took it as a sign that Renjun was “winning” against haters by taking what they meant as an insult and using it more favorably or sarcastically.

Renjun is a handsome and talented idol at any weight, and fans will always remind him of this!




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