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NCT Taeyong’s Legendary Fan Shows Gifts Received For Promoting His New Album

Recently, a fan of NCT’s Taeyong gained much attention for her unique way of supporting his new album, TAP. The fan was spotted in multiple areas around Seoul with a huge sign promoting his comeback.

Even the music show Mnet‘s M Countdown posted a video of them spotting the legendary fan!

With this, fans and Taeyong himself were searching to find this fan! Luckily, Taeyong’s sister and manager found the fan and gave them gifts to show gratitude and appreciation. Taeyong’s sister also made a video call with Taeyong so that he could thank the fan himself.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fan later posted a long, heartfelt message online revealing how she had started this type of promotion. She also shared the gifts that Taeyong sent them.

It was a very special journey for me to support my bias Taeyong and become a fan. I was never a fan that stood out and was very shy. I was too lazy to go outside and was a homebody who just supported him from my living room. But seeing how big the gaps were between solo and group comebacks, I began to miss the group and Taeyong. It was then that I started to go out and attend concerts to see them.

Afterwards, the fan began to brainstorm on how they could support and promote Taeyong’s new album more. Ultimately, she decided to go out on the streets and support him in any way they could. In the message, they also shared the gifts received from Taeyong, including signed merch.

Netizens that saw the post were truly touched by the unwavering love and support of a fan.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “It’s even more touching to see such an analog style of love in this generation. Hope they are happy.”
  • “So touching.”
  • “This is true love. To see that she even turned down the ticket to see his performance..I’m crying…Thanks to them I was able to find a good song to add to my playlist.”
  • “This is love…love is something we can see.”
  • “What is true love…I think love is something so cool and amazing.”
  • “This is love…so touching.”

Also check out how they received a video call from Taeyong himself below!

NCT Taeyong’s Fan Gets The Ultimate Rewards For Her Dedication




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