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NCT Taeyong’s Treatment Of The SM Rookies Has Fans Convinced That They Will Debut In Upcoming Unit NCT Tokyo

NCT‘s Taeyong is receiving lots of praise for his treatment of the SM Rookies at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, which is leading to speculation over whether they will debut as NCT Tokyo or not.

NCT’s Taeyong

SM Rookies’ Shohei, Eunseok, Seunghan | @smrookies/Twitter

At the SMTOWN LIVE concert in Korea, Taeyong went viral for getting “angry.” According to fans who were there, he had been frustrated to find out that the SM Rookies, Shoehei, Eunseok, and Seunghan, were not being allowed to join the “Hope” stage, which all SM Entertainment artists were singing together.

He was even seen looking for them afterward, gaining praise for being so thoughtful. NCTzens were sure that he was going to make a major complaint to SM Entertainment.

Luckily, the SM Rookies were allowed to join the artists during the “Hope” encore in the Tokyo concert…

…which fans took to mean that Taeyong had made himself be heard. After all, he was seen paying plenty of attention to them throughout the three-day concert—much like a caring leader!

And it wasn’t just Taeyong. The rookies already seem to be assimilating into NCT as various members “adopt” them, including Yuta and Kun, as well as Sungchan and Shotaro, who performed together with them.

SM Rookies’ Shohei and NCT’s Yuta | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

The rookies have also reportedly been hanging out with Jungwoo and Doyoung.

But of course, Taeyong definitely appears to have been the most solicitous member. When he took pictures of them onstage it was hard not to see him as the “Mom”!

And then again as he and Doyoung guided them offstage…

After such a warm welcome for the SM Rookies, fans have been praising and thanking Taeyong for his attentive treatment of them. And because of his attention, it’s hard not to believe that the SM Rookies will debut in NCT.

While this remains unconfirmed, it is not the first time the NCT members lead fans to believe that the SM Rookies will debut in NCT. Read further about it right here!

Fans Suspect NCT’s Doyoung And Jungwoo May Have Accidentally Confirmed That The New SM Rookies Will Debut In NCT



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