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NCT’s Haechan Upset With His Weverse Artist Description For Surprising Reason

“Whoever wrote [my] introduction post…”

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and idols to face humorous moments when transitioning to a new platform, and NCT‘s Haechan was no exception when SM Entertainment‘s artists made the big move to Weverse. But it wasn’t just the new platform’s functionalities that grabbed the attention — it was also the unique introductory descriptions given to each artist.

| @haechanahceah/Instagram

Haechan — a member of NCT units such as NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and NCT U — had a particular bone to pick with one aspect of his Weverse description. Fans quickly noted that Haechan was less than pleased, even stating he wanted to “meet” the writer responsible for it one day. This all revolved around a single, innocuous-seeming sentence.

The members will never respond to Haechan’s ‘Yo DREAM’ chant.

— Haechan’s artist description on Weverse

| @intearlude/Twitter

For the uninitiated, the “Yo DREAM” chant holds a special place in the hearts of NCT DREAM members and fans alike. Co-created by Haechan and fellow member Mark, it was birthed as a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous “Fighting!” cheer that K-pop groups often use to pep each other up. The duo’s intent was to craft a unique rallying cry that embodied the spirit of NCT DREAM.

While some fans viewed the sentence as a light-hearted joke, echoing moments when Haechan playfully chanted and fellow members pretended not to hear, many felt that it was an ill-fit for a professional introduction on an official platform.

They pointed out that a joke, albeit well-meaning, was perhaps not the best way to introduce a talented artist of Haechan’s caliber. And perhaps Haechan thought that way too.

Whoever wrote [my] introduction post. I hope to meet you one day.

— Haechan on Weverse

The general sentiment was that the description should encapsulate Haechan’s formidable skills as a vocalist and dancer, emphasizing his artistry rather than focusing on an inside joke. Many fans took to social media to voice their concerns, with comments ranging from “Haechan deserves better!” to “There’s so much more to him than just a chant.

Given the vocal feedback from fans and Haechan’s own sentiments, Weverse staff quickly sprang into action. They revamped his description to better reflect his contributions and strengths.

“Haechan is a member of NCT, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and NCT U. He is well known for his vocal tone and is loved by fans for his sublime vocals fitting every genre. He is an expressive singer in terms of both emotional delivery and gestures. He is born a graceful, fluid dancer.

— Haechan’s updated description on Weverse

| Weverse

The incident serves as a gentle reminder that while inside jokes and light-hearted moments are cherished by fans, they may not always be the best representation of an artist’s complete profile, especially on official platforms meant to introduce and inform. It’s heartening to see Weverse’s responsiveness in addressing the concerns, ensuring that the platform remains respectful and celebratory of each artist’s unique identity and legacy.




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