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NCT’s Jaehyun Receives Praise For His Warm And Fuzzy Attitude Towards Fan

This is not the first time he’s shown how much he loves fans.

NCT‘s Jaehyun recently gained attention for his kind attitude toward fans. He not only sent proof shots through Dear U. Bubble of the fan letters he received but also sent a thoughtful reply to a few memorable messages.

In particular, Jaehyun received a few letter compilations from various fans, through his largest Chinese fanbase, JaehyunBar. JaehyunBar had collected messages from other fans as part of a project and gave them to Jaehyun during a recent offline fansign. They also included a long letter in Korean for him.

Jaehyun replied to the letter personally.

He penned his sincere thoughts to fans.

I woke up early and was reading the letters that I got from the fansign we had before we went to the States. Reading them one by one, I couldn’t just let them pass like that. It made me think that we’ve been going through many things together after debut, and the more time we spend together, our relationship also grows more sturdy. I also think that thanks to you all, I can also continue to grow sturdier as a person. I will also continue to do my best in what I can, such that I can become a comfort to everyone when you guys are having it rough, and make you happier, from one person to another. Thank you always.

— Jaehyun

It’s not the first time he has shown his appreciation for small things such as fan letters. When a fansite sent him a collection of post-its from fans…

…it was revealed during a vlog that he had kept them on his shelf.

He always makes sure to accept fan letters.

The boys cannot easily accept gifts, but Jaehyun will always stop for a letter.


He also never fails to roll down the window to greet fans.


Every fansign, his eyes are filled with love and warmth.


Fans once caught him holding onto an entire bunch of fan letters.

Everyone sang praises about his warm attitude towards fans. Although these things may seem ordinary, it’s not easy to find a star that exhibits such humble traits.

  • “Do people stan him for this. How heartfluttering, wow.”
  • “Out of NCT, he’s always the one that gets accused of hating fans and he’s always being criticized unfairly so I was so sad. When his schedule was absolutely insane, people tore him apart for each small thing and I thought it was such a pity but he’s here showing his sincerity on Bubble. How sweet.”
  • “He seems really sweet as a person.”
  • “His face is handsome but so is his personality. He just looks like a good person.”

He’s a total angel! 




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