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NCT’s Jaemin Gains Attention For His Behavior Towards NewJeans At The “2023 Melon Music Awards”

NCT‘s Jaemin is currently being praised for his behavior towards NewJeans at a recent awards show.

NCT’s Jaemin | Arena Homme+

On December 2, the 2023 Melon Music Awards took place, honoring artists for their achievements over the last year and giving fans a chance to see special performances.

NCT DREAM were one of the groups in attendance and after stunning fans with their handsome visuals on the red carpet…


…managed to impress even further with their first-ever live performance of “Poison.”

The night turned out to be a huge moment for the group as they won the “Record Of The Year” award (Daesang), though the emotional moment was “interrupted” in the best way possible.

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However, it was a moment after their award acceptance that had fans praising Jaemin.

When a group moves in and out of the artist seating section at awards shows, the other idols usually stand and bow as they pass, especially when they receive awards.

As NCT DREAM made their way back to their seats after accepting their award, NewJeans, who were seated behind them began to stand to bow. Jaemin can be seen gesturing for them to remain seated as he sits down.

Fans thought the gesture was especially polite as the group had on short dresses and would have had to readjust their lap blankets in order to stand.

Jaemin is just a huge gentleman! Check out more of what fans love about Jaemin below.

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