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NCT’s Jeno Called Out By Fans For His “Poorly Made Joke” Towards Haechan

Some fans are asking Jeno to release an apology.

NCT Dream recently posted a behind-the-scenes vlog of their concert, The Dream Show 2: In A Dream. The video showed the members preparing for the event through photoshoots, concept meetings, and filming prerecorded content.

NCT Dream | NCT DREAM/YouTube

Even though it was supposed to be a happy occasion, some NCTzens, the official fandom name of NCT, were disappointed by a remark Jeno made towards his fellow member Haechan. In the video, Haechan asks Jeno, “Why are you so muscular?” and Jeno replies, “Why do you have so much flesh?

Jeno (left) and Haechan (right) | NCT DREAM/YouTube

Haechan could only make an incredulous face and say, “Gosh.” Some fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment and anger towards Jeno, saying he should know not to body shame his friend.

Others said Jeno should have accepted the compliment of Haechan sincerely instead of making a joke about his appearance.

There were NCTzens who believed that Jeno should be held accountable for his actions so that incidents like this won’t be repeated.

Watch the full vlog of NCT Dream below. Jeno and Haechan’s exchange is at the 18:43 mark.




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