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NCT’s Johnny Asked A “Disgusting” Question About His Body During A Recent Fan Call

This continues to trend of “uncomfortable” video calls.

While in-person fan signs were the standard for years, video calls have allowed fans worldwide to chat with idols from the comfort of their homes.

ATEEZ’s Mingi | KQ Entertainment

Just like in-person events, staff monitors these calls closely to prevent idols from dealing with winners who may be disrespectful or inappropriate.

Unfortunately, this does not always work, and the call ends after the damage is done.

WINNER during a video call event.

Recently, a video clip of NCT‘s Johnny has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, with many fans considering it sexual harassment.

NCT’s Johnny | SM Entertainment

Like other video calls, the OP of this video asks Johnny about a scenario where a choice is required. Instead of the cute options given in some other cases, this OP asks Johnny an uncomfortable question about what he would cover if forced to go outside naked.

Johnny plays along a bit, saying he would at least grab a towel.

OP: Imagine you are now in a shower and [the] apartment’s fire alarm has just been triggered and you don’t really have the time to get dressed and you only have one free hand. So would you choose to run out of the building with your face covered or your, you know private parts. 
Johnny: I will, I will just grab a towel, at least a towel. 

The OP insists on a different answer, repeating that he doesn’t have time to grab anything, and Johnny says that he’d just be naked.

OP: Okay, but you don’t have the time to grab anything. 
Johnny: Then I, I’m gonna…I guess I’m going outside naked. 

In the past, netizens have discussed how many English-speaking idols often deal with more overt disrespect, with idols like Johnny, Stray KidsFelix, and SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon often dealing with situations like this.

Is Asian Fetishization Why English-Speaking K-Pop Idols Are Treated Differently?

While Johnny answered the question, many found this question to be wildly inappropriate, especially since the OP directly spoke about his “private parts.”

Fan etiquette is often debated following events like these, with fans wanting their favorite idols to work and interact in an environment without dealing with “uncomfortable behavior from fans.

Felix also dealt with a disrespectful call recently, which you can read more about below.

Fans Upset With “Dehumanizing” Fan Call With Stray Kids’ Felix




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