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NCT’s Jungwoo Spotted At Club — Fans Find Out The True Reason Why He Was There

He was accused of being at the club.

NCT‘s Jungwoo was recently accused of being at a club. A series of photos surfaced on Chinese social media, claiming that the star was seen at a nightclub in South Korea. The photos were taken on May 11, at 4.30 am in the morning.


They claimed to have seen him outside the club’s entrance.


Jungwoo seemed to have spotted the mysterious paparazzi as well.


The post caption commented “Running into Kim Jungwoo coincidentally. Apparently it’s at a club, not sure if it’s true.” Fans in the comments urged people to stay neutral, and claimed that the photos were so blurred out that no one could know if it was truly at a club or not. The photos came up at a suspicious time, where other NCT members Haechan and Johnny were embroiled in controversies regarding girls. Jungwoo had been implicated as well, resulting in malicious comments about his personal life.

Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 10.45.51 PM

A few days after the photos were initially posted, fans did a little digging to find out if the accusations were true, and also to uncover the reason why he was at the club. The club in question was Soap Seoul. He was spotted with a man and a lady outside the venue. Fans easily found out who they were, due to their own name and fame. The girl was Moon Sujin, a singer who previously did a collaboration with NCT’s Taeil. Fans identified her by her bag and her signature long locks.

| @kimjjungwooo/X

On the other hand, the man was the publisher of a fashion magazine, Eyesmag.

| @kimjjungwooo/X

He had liked the post advertising that day’s event at the club. A famous DJ and singer, Anderson .Paak would be playing that day.

| @kimjjungwooo/X

Photos from the event were also liked by him.

| @kimjjungwooo/X

Fans deduced that Jungwoo had probably been there with his friends to listen to Anderson .Paak play his set.

| @kimjjungwooo/X

The event was a ticketed one held on May 10, 2024, through to the next daybreak.

| @kimjjungwooo/X

Eyesmag had also covered the event on their official social media.


It seemed like Jungwoo was truly there just to be a supportive friend and fellow artist!




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