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NCT’s Mark Loses His Cool When Fancall Is Cut Before His Question Gets Answered

He was devastated 😂😭

Some K-Pop idols seem to get more engaged with fancalls than others, with some getting into controversies in the past for seeming not to be as invested in these calls as fans expect. One idol that doesn’t need to worry about this, though, is NCT‘s Mark, who seems to genuinely enjoy talking to fans during these interactions!

Mark (NCT)

And recently, a call he had with a fan has been going viral online in a positive way because of his reaction at the end of it.


It seems like the two of them were having a pretty fun and engaging conversation, and mark brings up a question to the fan about preferring idols with a “good body and disappointing face” or vice versa. He gets cute and flustered as he asks, which just adds a whole other level of endearment to the interaction!

When the fan takes a little bit to think of their answer, the alarm goes off signaling that the fancall is over, and Mark can be heard telling them to answer quickly. The time runs out too soon for the fan to respond, though, leading to frustrated cries from the NCT member.

Mark: But me too, I’m suddenly curious of something.

OP: Yeah, what?

Mark: You have to like an idol, of course you must like idols, but aside from me, imagine an idol who has a good body, but his face is a bit on the disappointing side, or his face (t/n: he means either good body and so-so face or good face and so-so body)

OP: I must choose?

Mark: Yeah for real, you must choose… Ah I’m getting red.
Mark: Ah faster faster! Answer!

Mark: Ah what the ah… AHHH!

Netizens are reacting to the interaction with amusement, unable to get over how adorable Mark is during the fancall and complimenting him on seeming like a genuinely curious, cute, endearing guy.








We love seeing cute interactions between idols and fans like this, and Mark has proven once again how much he seems to genuinely love his fans!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa




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