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NCT’s Mark Shocks Fans With His “Revealing” Outfit At “2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon”

We’re not ready for this side of Mark!

Previously, NCT‘s Mark revealed during a live broadcast that he vowed to be more “revealing” once he turned 25.

Though, he’s not quite 25 yet. He is 24, and he’ll turn 25 next year. So, he’s preparing NCTzens…

NCT U performed at 2023 SBS Gayo Daejeon. During the performance, Mark “stripped,” removing his jacket.

While it’s been on trend these days to go shirtless during a performance, Mark removed his jacket to reveal his tight flesh-colored shirt, not his bare skin! His shirt was mildly sheer, with a pattern imitating tattoos to give off the appearance of going shirtless.

While NCTzens were slightly amused at the probably of this being Mark’s standard of “revealing,” they were also low-key thankful. If Mark is this hot without showing any skin, what would we do if he were to really go shirtless?

Only time will tell!




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