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NCT’s Mark Tries To Get Eric Nam To Hire His Older Brother At DIVE Studios

NCT‘s Mark famously followed his brother to audition for SM Entertainment, but only one of the two was selected. Clearly, it was Mark.

Pre-debut Mark Lee

Mark is now “making it up” to his brother by attempting to get him a job!

Mark recently guested on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam to promote NCT 127‘s new album Fact Check.

Mark took the opportunity to help a brother out. He attempted to get his older brother a job working at DIVE Studios, which Eric Nam and his brothers founded.

I was like, ‘Yo, if you guys need someone in DIVE Studios. I have an older brother.’

— Mark

Eric Nam (left) and Mark (right) | DIVE Studios/YouTube

Mark and host Eric Nam recalled their first time meeting. Stray KidsFelix, Eric Nam’s youngest brother Brian, and Mark were at Eric Nam’s house.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Eric Nam: I think the first time we met, Brian was there, and you were like, ‘That’s your brother?’ Oh, wait, was that the first time? At my house?

Mark: At your house.

Eric Nam: With Felix?

Mark: Yeah!

When Mark discovered that Eric Nam works with his brothers, he suggested his own brother should work with them at DIVE Studios. So, he asked if they were hiring.

So, it was like, ‘That’s my brother.’ He’s like, ‘Wait, you work with your brothers?’ I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and Mark goes, ‘I have a brother. Do you guys need to hire anybody at DIVE Studios?’

— Eric Nam

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Mark admired how the Nam brothers worked together. So, he believed his older brother would be a good fit for their company.

But it’s not like… ‘Cause I know that my brother would be of help, and you know it’s just like I want, just like having your brothers be co-workers, working together… Oh my God, that’s like a perfect picture, you know. On the surface, it does!

— Mark

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Eric Nam revealed the pros and cons of working with brothers. He explained that they still fight, and having personal, familial connections can be more complicated.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Eric Nam: Oh yeah, no, it’s wonderful! No, I get this asked a lot. I’ll tell you this like it’s great. It doesn’t mean we don’t fight, but it’s still great. We had an argument probably like two weeks ago … I was in the middle trying to calm Eddie and Brian down. I was like y’all need to chill out, y’all need to breathe. And I think the hard part that we always have to remind ourselves is like there is co-worker brothers, and then there’s brother brothers.

Mark: That’s a different hat, right.

Eric Nam: You have to wear both hats, and I have to remind you today you got to wear brother hat. Later, you can wear your coworker hat. But it’s like that’s like the tricky part. But if you’re able to figure that out, then like, it’s pretty… it’s pretty good.

Still, there’s an extra layer of trust since it’s your brothers. Mark shared a quote someone who had no siblings had told him. They told him, “There’s no one in the world who you can trust more than the people you actually share the same blood with,” and it stuck with him. He felt very grateful for his brother.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Mark: No, but like they like say that there’s no one in the world who you can trust more than the people you actually share the same blood with.

Eric Nam: Blood is blood.

Mark: I heard this from an only child, actually.

Eric Nam: Oh, really?

Mark: And hearing it from an only child really made it very memorable. God, I’m glad I have a brother.

Mark was surprised by how personal the interview had gotten, speaking about personal life, including family. So, he asked Eric Nam if the interviews were usually like this.

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Eric Nam: He’s older, right?

Mark: An older brother

Eric Nam: Two years?

Mark: Three years. Wait, dude, I haven’t seen like all of the interviews that you do like here, but do you guys usually talk about life like this?

Eric Nam: Pretty much. If it’s a friend or somebody that I… if it’s like younger idols… no.

Since the release of Mark’s episode of Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam, DIVE Studios confirmed they are hiring. So, maybe Mark’s brother really has a shot!

Read more about Mark and his brother below.

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