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NCT’s Sungchan Picks The Member Who’s His Current Favorite

A different member has captured his attention with their kind personality.

When NCT‘s Sungchan freshly debuted, he chose WayV‘s Winwin as the member he liked the most. Two years later, Sungchan has another member in mind who’s taken the title.

Winwin | @wwiinn_7/Instagram

During a segment from welcome to NCT Universe, Sungchan praised the member whose caring personality made him appreciate them.

Sungchan (center) with Chenle, Kun, YangYang, and Xiaojun. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

When Shotaro asked if Sungchan had a favorite NCT member, he made sure to confirm that he liked “all the members.” Still, there was one who went above and beyond.

Sungchan revealed Taeil‘s hidden charm that earned him the title. Sungchan explained, “But I’ve always thought Taeil—who quietly takes care of everyone as the oldest member—was impressive.

While Taeil has been doing his best to take care of the group, Sungchan has been paying attention all along and respected him for it.

Sungchan, Taeil, and Jungwoo. | @NCTsmtown/Twitter




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