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NCT’s Taeyong Gives Helpful Advice To A Fan Trying To Chase Her Dreams

He just wants to make his fans happy.

Recently, NCT’s Taeyong appeared as a guest on Dingo’s YouTube channel and made an unforgettable memory with a fan. The Good Job Today content has been produced since 2016 and is a reality program in which a star who has achieved their dream visits the daily life of a fan who is also running towards their dream.

In episode 14, Taeyong meets up with Seonju, a university student in the dance department who is also an avid fan of Taeyong. To set up the meeting, Taeyong tricked Seonju that he found her friend’s lost phone and surprised her at an accessory store with a bouquet of roses.

Seonju also showed Taeyong’s picture that was in her phone, proving just how big of a fan she is of him. Taeyong smiled shyly and replied, “That’s so cute.”

Taeyong and Seonju, who have the same love for dancing, headed to the dance practice room. When asked about her dream, Seonju answered, “To win first place in a battle.” After hearing this, Taeyong replied, “I really like realistic dreams. I think you can do it.”

Taeyong also sympathized with Seonju’s career concerns, stating, “There are times that are difficult when you go down one path. Dance itself is a lonely life. Whenever that happens, I think it would be good to set aside time for yourself.”

Taeyong, who released a new solo album, added, “I want to support you as much as I receive support from fans, and that is my dream. This solo album was also made with the mindset of wanting to make my fans happy.”

He also performed the choreography for his new title track, “SHALALA” and taught there the point choreography as well, giving her a special memory that she will never forget. 

Finally, Taeyong exchanged his last words with Seonju, “Thank you for staying with me so late,” as he sent her off. Watch the full episode below!




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