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NCT’s Taeyong Is Praised For His Actions Towards aespa’s Giselle At SMTOWN LIVE 2022 In Tokyo

Fans praise NCT‘s Taeyong for his thoughtful actions towards aespa‘s Giselle during their performance of “ZOO” at SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ TOKYO.

Aespa’s Giselle

NCT’s Taeyong

Along with NCT’s Jeno, Hendery and Yangyang, Giselle and Taeyong form the iconic “ZOO” unit that first went viral during SM Entertainment‘s winter concert. They came together again to perform at SMTOWN LIVE 2022, and unfortunately, Giselle experienced some technical issues with her in-ear monitor onstage.

However, she did not let that stop her from delivering an impressive performance, proving she is a true professional. During a fancall after the SMTOWN LIVE in Korea, she described how she had been unable to hear anything at all during the performance, except for her own voice feedback.

Fans were understandably upset at the issue, particularly since it wasn’t Giselle’s fault. Yet, to make matters worse, the same issue arose again during the performance of “ZOO” in Tokyo. Except for this time, Giselle was forced to contend with additional technical difficulties as well. First, the lift that she and Hendery were in late. This forced both of them to run to their positions and nearly miss the beginning of the chorus of the song.

Afterward, it became clear Giselle’s in-ear monitor was once again faulty. Fans saw that Jeno noticed it first and pointed it out to the others before removing a missing piece of it from the stage.

After that, Taeyong remained aware of the issue. Fans praised his small actions to keep Giselle reassured throughout the performance, including comforting smiles…

…and what looks like small signals to help guide her with the timing, seeing as she couldn’t hear anything.

In fact, while he was an utter professional about the situation, some fans said they saw him angry during the performance, which is totally understandable given how many technical issues the ZOO unit, and specifically Giselle, have already faced in both SMTOWN LIVE 2022 concerts so far.

Fans are hoping that both Taeyong and Giselle will address the issue with the staff, but in the meantime, they are proud of Taeyong for being a reassuring leader to Giselle.

The “ZOO” unit in general has gained attention for their great chemistry together…

…and for the NCT members’ treatment of their aespa member.

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