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NCT’s Taeyong Set To Officially Enlist In The Military, Details Revealed

He will enlist in the Navy.

SM Entertainment has officially announced that NCT‘s Taeyong is scheduled to begin his military service as an active-duty soldier in the Navy. He will begin his enlistment on April 15.

taeyong teaser 2
| SM Entertainment

The agency made it clear that there would be no public events to mark the occasion of his enlistment in an effort to avoid any potential safety issues that could arise from overcrowding.

| Puma

Taeyong’s upcoming enlistment makes him the first member of NCT to undertake military service, setting a significant milestone within the group. Born in 1995, Taeyong has been a pivotal figure in NCT since his debut in 2016 as part of NCT U. He has filled several key roles in the group, acting as leader, center, main rapper, main dancer, and sub-vocalist.

taeyong doyoung
Taeyong and bandmate Doyoung during NCT’s most recent concert in Korea.

Beyond his contributions to NCT, Taeyong also made waves by debuting with SuperM in 2019 and embarking on a solo career with the release of his mini album SHALALA last June. The star’s commitment to his music and fans was further demonstrated through the release of his second mini album, TAP, on February 26, followed by his first solo concert, TY TRACK.

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| SM Entertainment

In light of his enlistment, SM Entertainment issued a formal statement requesting fans’ understanding and cooperation to ensure a safe and private commencement of Taeyong’s military duty.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

NCT’s Taeyong will be enlisting in the Navy as an active-duty soldier on April 15. There will be no official event on the day he joins the training center, and we ask for your understanding as his enlistment will be private to prevent any safety accidents due to congestion at the site.

We ask for your unwavering love and support until the day Taeyong returns in good health after faithfully fulfilling his military duty.

— SM Entertainment

taeil teaser
NCT’s Taeil | SM Entertainment

Taeil, the eldest member of NCT, is also scheduled to enlist in the military within the year.




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