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NCT’s Taeyong Shares Concerning Health Updates Ahead Of “NCT Nation” Concert

Hopefully, he feels better soon.

After the star shared several updates, fans are concerned about NCT Taeyong‘s health.

NCT’s Taeyong | SM Entertainment

There no denying that NCT as an entire group has been very busy over the last year, both as a group and individually. The group’s leader, Taeyong, made his solo debut earlier this year with Shalala and has been promoting as a solo artist.

Taeyong was one of many artists announced to perform at KCON, and put on an amazing performance, also acting as MC. His time in LA also spawned a hilarious viral video that had fans and non-fans laughing.


It was an overwhelming feeling that cannot be explained in words…… ????????????????


The artist also did a live broadcast during his trip, where he made comments that worried fans. While laying down, Taeyong mentioned that his chest hurt, and that he was afraid he would not be able to perform well at the upcoming NCT Nation concert.

The star also flew in the day of the concert and flew out immediately the next day.

Actually, I kind of hurt my chest. I don’t know if I can do well by next week. I’m worried. I hope I get better by next week.

— Taeyong

On his return to Korea, he was immediately seen in content shared on NCT’s official accounts, preparing for the NCT Nation concert as well as the group’s comeback.

After a day of practicing, Taeyong was noticeably absent from a group photo shared, leaving fans wondering where he was.

Taeyong himself later revealed that he went to the hospital due to a cold he had caught and the physical pain he had been experiencing.

Yesterday, I had a really high fever, so I went to the hospital right away.

— Taeyong

Looking back on footage from the rehearsal, fans noticed Taeyong looked unwell and was even wearing a blanket around his shoulders to help him keep warm.

In other messages, Taeyong expressed that even though he felt bad, he still felt pressure to continue with the concert and put on the best show possible.

There’s no time to feel sick…

— Taeyong

SM Entertainment has been the target of criticism over NCT’s busy schedules, and this only served to anger fans more.




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