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NCT’s Ten And aespa’s NingNing Is The Friendship You Didn’t Know You Needed

With NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and aespa‘s NingNing being close from their trainee days, fans adore their sibling-like friendship. Thanks to a moment from SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ HUMAN CITY_SUWON, there seems to be another NCT member NingNing is friendly with.

Kun, Ten, and Hendery.

A brief interaction with WayV‘s Ten has fans happy the two may be close friends as well.

When all the SM Entertainment groups shared the stage, aespa was spotted walking behind Super Junior when NingNing reached out a hand to someone else close by.

Because NCT was walking by in the opposite direction, she’d been reaching out to Ten for a high-five, which he quickly returned.

Fans were so surprised to find out Ten and NingNing were close that they had to capture the moment from another angle to make sure.

Since NingNing has been close with Chenle for so long, it makes sense she’d grow close to a few NCT members as well.


See Ten and NingNing surprise fans with how friendly they are.



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