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NCT’s Ten And Renjun Gain Attention For The Way They Called Out Fans’ Invasion Of Their Privacy In Thailand

The members were thoughtful but clear.

NCT‘s Ten and Renjun are gaining attention after calling fans out for invading their privacy during a personal trip to Thailand.

NCT’s Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

NCT’s Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

The two members left for Thailand on January 8. NCTzens were happy to see them traveling together, leading to a viral clip of their departure from Korea.

They may not be in the same unit, but the two are definitely fast friends, as evidenced by their crying over Titanic together!

Naturally, they were both warmly welcomed upon their arrival in Thailand.

Yet, things appear to have gone way too far, as they were not only mobbed at the airport, but also even followed home, in Ten’s case. In a recent message he sent through Dear U. Bubble, Ten expressed his frustration with toxic fans who violated his privacy during his stay in his home country.

| @TENand10VELY/Twitter

And he wasn’t alone in expressing such feelings. Renjun also sent NCTzens a message, gaining attention for honestly conveying his regret over his personal vacation being spoiled by such an infraction.

| @feedarchive/Twitter

Renjun apologized for having sent such a message when he hadn’t given any updates in so long…

…but fans knew that, despite his wholesome attitude, his and Ten’s boundaries have really been crossed.

And they are not the only ones! Fans also recently raised strong concerns when a video of Jaemin being swarmed at the airport in Thailand went viral. Like Renjun and Ten, he was also on a personal trip and therefore had no staff or security with him.

It seems like the NCT members’ vacation in Thailand has not gone to plan thanks to the actions of a few fans, but hopefully, Renjun and Ten’s message will have a positive impact!

Read further about fans’ invasion of Jaemin’s privacy in Thailand right here.

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