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NCT’s Ten Faces Mixed Reactions Over The Gender Of His MV Co-Star, Sparking Heated Debate

“…trying to reduce Ten’s art and hardwork…”

NCT Ten‘s recently released video has sparked a debate centered around his co-star’s gender.

NCT’s Ten | @NCTsmtown/X

Much to fans’ excitement, Ten’s first solo album was announced earlier this year. Previously, the WayV member released individual digital singles, impressing each time with his artistry.

The album, titled TEN, is set for release on February 13, and every detail, including the discovery that Troye Sivan‘s choreographer potentially worked with the idol, has built up anticipation.

Because of this, many were waiting for the first musical preview, a track video for “Lie With You,” which dropped on February 5. The video featured Ten and an actress at a drive-in theater, with bittersweet lyrics about enjoying a relationship that may not last.

| @NCTsmtown/X
| @NCTsmtown/X

The track was also shared on X, where users shared their feelings on the video. While many fans were happy with the content, a debate centered around his co-star’s gender began.

Ten has been known for his often gender-defying work and being unafraid to display his femininity.

| @NCTsmtown/X

Due to this, some have made assumptions about Ten’s sexuality, which appeared in the form of many questioning why there was a woman in the music video.

| @nct/Instagram

Many debated this, expressing a desire for Ten to be seen as more than his assumed sexuality during such an important time in his career.

Others pointed out that the gender of the person does not matter, as his lyrics could resonate with anyone, including LGBTQIA+ individuals. Some also reminded that sexuality is a spectrum and that people can have relationships with the opposite gender without that taking away from their queerness.

On the one hand, an openly gay idol being forced into portraying a heteronormative relationship would be wrong. However, assuming someone’s sexuality and making that the focus rather than their artistry will also be met with negative reactions.




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