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NCT’s Ten Goes Wildly Viral As He Steals The Spotlight At Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show In Paris


NCT‘s Ten is taking the fashion world by storm after attending Paris Fashion Week as one of the star guests.

NCT’s Ten

Ten had already recently gone viral for his iconic airport fit on his way to Paris, proving he’s an innate fashion icon.

Yet, now he’s managed to top that by becoming the main character of the Yves Saint Laurent Men’s Winter 23 fashion show, where he was seen hanging out with SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and other big names such as Jenny Ortega.

NCT’s Ten (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan (right)

He left fans absolutely stunned with his visuals…

…proving that he perfectly embodies the effortless elegance of the luxury brand.

Even in unedited fan photos, his visuals still proved to be flawless.

In fact, eagle-eyed NCTzens noticed that even the security guard seemed rather dazzled by Ten’s arrival—a feeling that was all too relatable.

Netizens claimed it seemed as if Ten completely stole the spotlight. And if the 1.4 million tweets (and counting) on the #SaintLaurentxTEN trend are anything to judge by, it’s totally true!

His impact on social media was truly impressive.

As was the ceaseless cheering for him outside!

There’s no doubt that Ten was the main attraction at the Yves Saint Laurent show in Paris Fashion Week. He certainly made fans proud!




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