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NCT’s YangYang Can Always Depend On Shotaro When He’s Stressed, Here’s Why

Shotaro knows exactly how to solve his problem.

During an interview with Sanook Entertainment, NCT‘s YangYang talked about his close friendships with Renjun and Shotaro. Not only did he share how they spent their time together, but he also revealed why Shotaro was so helpful in relieving his stress.

YangYang and Shotaro. | Weibo

Because Renjun and YangYang have been close for a while, he revealed that they spend nearly half the week meeting up. YangYang said, “Renjun and I eat hot pot together three times a week.

YangYang dived a bit deeper when talking about Shotaro, admitting that he helped relieve stress. He said, “I think, when I get stressed or have some worries, I always talk to Shotaro.

No matter what YangYang was going through, he could rely on Shotaro to listen to him and brighten his mood. He explained, “For Shotaro, because we’re so close, I can talk to him about everything.

With caring friends like Shotaro and Renjun by his side, YangYang has all the support he needs.

| Weibo

Watch YangYang talk about how precious his friendships with Shotaro and Renjun are.




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