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NCT’s Yuta Is A Successful Fan After Chaotic Live Stream With His Favorite Artist — And Fans Are Suspicious About What It Means

Fans are ready for rockstar Yuta!

NCT‘s Yuta becomes a successful fan after holding an adorably chaotic live stream with one of his favorite artists ever.

NCT’s Yuta | @nct127/Instagram

On September 25, Yuta went live on Instagram with Japanese musician HYDE (also known as Hyde), who became famous as the lead singer of the rock band L’Arc-en-Ciel.

HYDE | @hydeofficial/Instagram

Seeing as Yuta is one of the biggest Japanese celebrities right now, fans were excited to see these two icons finally meet, especially considering how much Yuta looks up to HYDE.

The live stream proved to be extremely wholesome as both of them had fun showing off their wholesome friendship. Judging by their interactions, it seems like they have been close friends for a while!

In fact, NCTzens were left laughing after one fan hilariously pointed out the similarity between the two of them…

…and this was confirmed as fans gushed about HYDE’s status as a rock legend in Japan.

Understandably, Yuta couldn’t help fanboying over HYDE, especially after singing with him.

But NCTzens were also made proud after HYDE himself complimented Yuta’s unique vocals.

Of course, there were some hilarious moments where they quoted HYDE’s signature line…

…but for the most part, the interactions between Yuta and HYDE had fans suspicious (and hopeful) that something is in the works.

When JYJ‘s Jaejoong posted an Instagram story and tagged Yuta, HYDE, and musician No Min Woo (also known as ICON and MINUE), fans questioned the implications of these meetups even more.

While there is no way to know if this was anything other than a friendly meetup (Yuta probably knows Jaejoong and No Min Woo from their time at SM Entertainment), fans are happy to see Yuta hanging out with big names and possibly planting the seeds for his future success as a solo musician!




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